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Date Section Title / Description Format Cat # / Images Country Details [Matrix]
18.11 Videos Video singles collection 3xDVD 88985309169 EU 6 panel matt/glossy card sleeve in slipcase. 16 page booklet. Silver print. Sticker on shrinkwrap. NTSC, Copy Controlled, PCM 48-24 2.0 (videos), Dolby Digital 2.0 (commentaries), 4:3, 16:9. [A0102749217-A913 18 A00] [A0102749217-B913 17 A00] + [A0102730896-A922 17 A00] [A0102730896-B922 16 A00] + [A0102730897-A933 17 A00] [A0102730897-B933 16 A02] All: [Sony DADC]
22.2 Solo Man made machine* CD CLRX CD1 EU Motor album. Clear jewel case inside silver foil bag. 12 page fold-out booklet. With 1 track with lead vocals by Martin.
12.2 Solo Master and servant* CD 945.0166.326 EU Nouvelle Vague single. Promo. Card sleeve. Sticker. Backing vocals by Martin.
1.2 Solo Visitors* CD frYarcorp002 UK frYars single. Promo. White card sleeve with gold foiled sticker. Gold print on disc. Promo sticker on back. Backing vocals by Dave.
19.1 Solo Angels & Ghosts* CD 88875136552 EU Dave Gahan & Soulsavers album. Gatefold card sleeve. 8 page booklet. Sticker on cellophane. Still sealed.

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