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Date Section Title / Description Format Cat # / Images Country Details [Matrix]
25.10 Various
Achtung baby covered* CD UK Tribute album. Free with Q magazine December 2011. Jewel case. 8 page booklet. With 1 exclusive track: 'So cruel'.
12.10 Facts ThriveMix presents TranceAnthems 2* 2xCD 90770-2 USA With 'Martyr (Paul van Dyk remix – ThriveMix edit)'. Mega-mix compilation.
12.10 Facts ThriveMix presents Electro* 2xCD 90761-2 USA With 'Enjoy the silence (Ewan Pearson remix – ThriveMix edit)'. Mega-mix compilation.
29.09 Facts Promo Only
Club series June 97*
CD USA With 'It's no good (Club 69 future mix) [re-edited, US edit]'. Promo compilation.
29.09 Facts Infekted by Dr. Lektroluv* CD 541416 500961 Belgium With 'The dead of night (Electronicat remix – sped up)'. Sped and pitched up. Megamix compilation.
14.09 Facts Open your eyes
Remixes & productions*
CD PV0718702 UK With 'Personal Jesus (Alex Metric remix – Open your eyes edit)'. Alex Metric mega-mix compilation.
09.06 Facts

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06.06 Albums Remixes 2. 81-11* 3xCD XLCDMutel18 EU Rectangular card sleeves in hardback slipcase. 12 page rectangular booklet. Sticker on cellophane. [0966382 AB36744-01] + [0966402 AB36745-01] + [0966422 AB36746-01] All: [manufactured by optimal media production]
03.06 Singles Personal Jesus 2011* 12″ 12Bong43 EU Purple vinyl. Black protective inner sleeve with black inside. 33 RPM.
03.06 Singles Personal Jesus 2011* CD CDBong43 EU Card sleeve. [0272082 AB37813-01 manufactured by optimal media production]
28.04 Facts Cream Ibiza* 2xCD NEWCD9049 UK With 'Peace (Sander van Doorn remix – Cream Ibiza edit)'. Eddie Halliwell and Sander van Doorn mega-mix compilation.
07.02 All

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20.01 Facts Solid Sounds
Anno 2001 Volume 03*
2xCD 541416 500682 Belgium With 'I feel loved (Danny Tenaglia's labor of love – Solid Sounds edit)'. Compilation.

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