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Date* Section Title / Description Format Cat # / Images Country Details [Matrix]
10-10 Solo Mirror† CD 837101438841 Canada Digipak. 24 page booklet. With 1 track with vocals by Dave.
09-07 All

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07-31 Videos Touring the angel
Live in Milan
2xDVD PDMDVD5 EU Promo in sealed black keep case. No inside print. PCM 2.0 (unmastered), 16:9.
07-07 All

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05-17 Singles Only when I lose myself† MC CBong29 Poland 4 page J-insert. Clear cassette with white print, no artwork.
05-17 Singles Policy of truth 7″ INT 111.881 W. Germany Thanks to Devotional.
05-17 Singles Personal Jesus 7″ 90543 France Sticker ("Depeche Mode"). Thanks to Devotional.
05-17 Singles Strangelove 7″ 90323 France Thanks to Devotional.
05-17 Singles A question of lust 7″ Bong46011 Belgium Thanks to Devotional.
04-25 Merch Music for the masses T-shirt Front | Back UK Black with white/red/grey print on front and back. Why don't they do t-shirts like this anymore?
04-08 Merch Playing the angel Mousemat Front | Back UK  
04-08 Merch Precious Luggage tag Front | Back UK Leather. With address-label inside. Only 'Playing the angel' related release that says 'DM'.
03-15 Singles The best of – Remixes CD PLCDBong39 EU Promo in clear jewel case. 4 page booklet. With 7 tracks not on any other CD (but CD-R), of which 2 promo only, 2 commercially released as downloads only and 3 commercially released on vinyl and as downloads only. [WWW.MEDIAMOTION.COM 3792472 @ 1]
03-10 Albums The singles 86>98 2xCD 724384653729 France From 'Videos 86>98 +' 2xDVD+2xCD (7243458008104), see DVD videos. Clear jewel case. 16 page booklet. "Printed in E.U.".
03-10 Videos Videos 86>98 + 2xDVD+
7243458008104 France Limited edition including 'The singles 86>98' (724384653729), see CD albums. Two clear jewel cases in wide slipcase. 8 and 16 page booklets. "Printed in E.U.". PCM 2.0 (DVD 1), Dolby Digital 2.0 (DVD 2), 4:3.
02-24 All

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01-14 Solo Saw something/
Deeper and deeper
7″ Mute398 EU Numbered limited edition (#1344). Picture disc in sticker-sealed clear PVC sleeve.
01-14 Solo Saw something/
Deeper and deeper
CD LCDMute398 EU Digipak. [WWW.MEDIAMOTION.COM 5174792 @1]
01-05 Videos The best of videos
Volume 1†
DVD DVDMutel15 EU Clear keep case. PCM 2.0, 4:3 (videos), 16:9 (short film). [WWW.MEDIAMOTION.COM 3750762-0 PAL @ 1 010203 // 3750762-1 PAL @ 1 010103]
01-05 Solo Counterfeit e.p LP Stumm67 UK Heavy picture inner sleeve.

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