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Soothe my soul (Steve Angello & Jacques Lu Cont radio edit)
Promo Only: Dance radio July 13† CD USA Promo compilation.
Heaven (Ulti-remix by Strobe)
Ultimix 191† CD USA Based on a sped up version of the 'Owlle remix'. Promo remix compilation.
Sweetest perfection (Mark Reeder's sweetest conception remix)
Five point one* DVD+2xCD 601106 Europe Mark Reeder remix compilation. CD and DVD audio track. Dolby Digital 5.1.
So cruel
Achtung baby covered* CD UK Tribute album free with Q magazine December 2011.
Personal Jesus (Alex Metric remix – Open your eyes edit)
Open your eyes* CD PV0718702 UK Remixes & productions. Alex Metric mixed compilation.
Peace (Sander van Doorn remix – Cream Ibiza edit)
Cream Ibiza* 2xCD NEWCD9049 UK With a different ending. Eddie Halliwell and Sander van Doorn mixed compilation.
Martyr (Paul van Dyk remix – ThriveMix edit)
ThriveMix presents TranceAnthems 2* 2xCD 90770-2 USA Edited and slightly slowed down. Mixed compilation.
Enjoy the silence (Ewan Pearson remix – ThriveMix edit)
ThriveMix presents Electro* 2xCD 90761-2 USA Edited and sped up. Mixed compilation.
Suffer well (Dirty Monkey ♥ Miami remix)
I ♥ Miami* 2xCD STARCD 55372 USA Labelled as 'Dirty Monkey remix', but completely different to the previously released remix with the same name (see Promo). Peter Rauhofer mixed compilation.
John the revelator (Tiefschwarz dub – Fabric edit)
Fabric 29* CD FABRIC 57 UK Labelled as 'Dave is in the disco dub'. Slightly different intro, mostly because of mix with previous track. Tiefschwarz mixed compilation.
Enjoy the silence (Ewan Pearson remix edit)
Spring 2006:
Remix licensing reel
2xCD PRO-CDR-101767 USA Promo remix compilation.
World in my eyes (Cicada remix edit)
Spring 2006:
Remix licensing reel
2xCD PRO-CDR-101767 USA Promo remix compilation.
Shake the disease (Tiga remix)
Future retro 2xLP R2 73210 USA Remix compilation.
Future retro CD R2 73198 USA Remix compilation.
Precious (DJ Dan's 4am mix – Jim Thias edit)
Ultimix 119* CD USA Promo remix compilation. With added 'People are people' samples.
Enjoy the silence (reinterpreted)/Halo (Goldfrapp remix)/Nothing (Headcleanr rock mix) (medley)
Guide Warner Bros./
Reprise 04†
CD USA Promo compilation. Track length is 4:25.
The dead of night (Electronicat remix – sped up)
Infekted by Dr. Lektroluv* CD 541416 500961 Belgium Labelled as 'The death of the night'. Sped and pitched up. Mixed compilation.
I feel loved (Umek mix – shorter)
The torture chamber 2* CD PAINCD002 UK About half of the full remix, which isn't released on CD in its entirety (see Non-UK CD). The intro vocals are repeated during the preceding track. Umek mixed compilation.
I feel loved (Danny Tenaglia's labor of love – SpinCycle edit)
Area One sampler CD V2DJ-27107-2 USA Promo compilation.
SpinCycle CD WBR-100691 USA Promo compilation.
I feel loved (Danny Tenaglia's labor of love – MTV Ibiza edit)
MTV Ibiza 2001* 2xCD 0927 40634 2 Europe Compilation. (This is one of several editions, however the UK 2xCD edition WSMCD049 does not contain the edit.)
I feel loved (Danny Tenaglia's labor of love – Solid Sounds edit)
Solid Sounds
Anno 2001 Volume 03*
2xCD 541416 500682 Belgium Compilation.
Dream on/I feel loved/Freelove (medley)
Guide Warner Bros./
Reprise May 01
CD USA Promo compilation.
I feel loved (Thomas Brinkmann mix – Tanks a lot version)
Tanks a lot
A free Urus Martan mix
CD max.E.-CD4 Germany Slightly different to the normal version. Promo mixed compilation free with the Thomas Brinkmann 12″ 'Tina/Argonauten'.
Comatose (remix by Pole)
Selected Pole works CD-R Germany Pole promo remix compilation.
Walking in my shoes (random carpet mix – 1:26 edit)
Remixed* CD Germany William Orbit promo remix sampler. The edit is part of 1 track of mixed snippets.
Only when I lose myself/Personal Jesus (medley)
Guide October 98† CD USA Promo compilation.
Useless (The Kruder + Dorfmeister Session™) [edit]
Q essential Chill out CD UK Fade of the normal version. Compilation free with Q magazine #170.
Lazy Sunday 2 CD N. Zealand Fade of the normal version. Promo compilation.
It's no good (Andrea Parker mix – DJ-kicks version)
DJ-kicks: Andrea Parker CD !K7071cd Germany A little slower than the normal version, with lots of scratching added. Mixed compilation.
It's no good (BT remix edit)
The house collection
Volume 6
2xCD FHC6 CD UK Labelled as 'a rare mix'. Withdrawn mixed compilation. (In fact there exists 3 full BT mixes, all of which were rejected.)
In your room (zephyr edit)
Top Hits 94 Part 1* CD 01 8830 6 Benelux The single version with 2:14–3:34 edited out. Compilation.
Get right with me (clean version)
The class of '93 CD VOX CD FREE 2 UK The album version without the 'I feel you (swamp mix)' extract at the end. Compilation free with Vox magazine December 1993.
Death's door (live in Milan)
Mute/Tonal evidence 6 MC CP1 UK Promo compilation.
Death's door
Until the end of the world LP 7599-26707-1 Europe Soundtrack.
Until the end of the world CD 7599-26707-2 Europe Soundtrack.
Until the end of the world CD W2 26707 USA Soundtrack.
Personal Jesus (holier than thou approach – Club MTV version)
Club MTV Party to go* CD TBCD 1037 USA 2 short parts during the intro are looped. Mixed compilation.
Happiest girl (the pulsating orbital vocal mix) [edit]
Auntie Aubrey's excursions beyond the call of duty 2xCD DVNT12CD UK The Orb remix project. Labelled as 'orbital mix'. With the intro noises cut out. Also, the original release is in mono. Mixed compilation.
Policy of truth (beat box – Rock over London edit)
Rock over London† CD UK 0:18–0:53 and 3:23–5:45 edited out from the full version. With greetings by Dave and Alan during the intro. Promo radio compilation.
Enjoy the silence (extract from the quad: final mix)
International LP Stumm40 UK The "classical" part faded in from the original 'the quad: final mix'. Compilation.
International CD CDStumm40 UK The "classical" part faded in from the original 'the quad: final mix'. Compilation.
Route 66 (the Nile Rodgers mix)
Earth girls are easy LP 9 25835-1 USA Soundtrack.
Earth girls are easy CD 9 25835-2 USA Soundtrack.
Route 66/Behind the wheel (Howie ♥ WBR mix)
Howie ♥ WBR 2xCD PRO-CD-100700 USA Labelled as 'Behind the wheel/Route 66'. Promo compilation.
Never turn your back on mother earth
Happy Christmas 87
from Depeche Mode
7″ flexi UK Free with Bong 1, the very first official fan club magazine (at this time still untitled). A different version was later released by Martin on the 'Counterfeit e.p'.
Dressed in black (Record Mirror version)
The rm EP 7″ EP RM 1 UK Compilation free with Record Mirror magazine February 8th 1986.
Boys say go! (Richard Skinner version)
1 and only
25 years of Radio 1
2xCD BOJCD-25 UK Labelled as 'Boys say no'. Also known as the 'Peel Session version'. Sort of a "live studio version". Compilation. (There also exists recordings of another 3 tracks from this session.)
I sometimes wish I was dead (Flexipop version)
Sometimes I wish I was dead 7″ flexi FLEXIPOP 011 UK Free with Flexipop magazine #11. Also includes a Fad Gadget track.
Sometimes I wish I was dead 7″ UK White label test pressing. Also includes a Fad Gadget track.

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