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Favourites Details

The ultimate discography with over 14,000 (!) scans of close to 4,000 items, index to all official tracks and a collector's forum. In 2005 I made the logos for a limited run of T-shirts and jackets sold to forum members and given to the band and others – view



Ex-Halo/Modesite/Empty World 3 with the by far best general forum. Also, they are often first with the latest news.

Depeche Mode

The official website with the archives above all, with audio samples of just about every official track, video exclusives, lyrics and more.

DM "datography" with lots of info and images, including an unreleased tracks section with audio samples (go to "Versions"). In German.


Extremely well-made Flash site famous for its DM fonts archives, many of which are painstakingly created by Raph himself.

Depeche Mode Stuff

Zambak's classic collector's reference discography. Also contains some other interesting sections. To be viewed with Internet Explorer.


Archived version of the official Recoil website, with an Q+A section with loads of interesting facts about DM recordings, touring, members etc – an absolute must read! Also don't miss the 81>85 and 86>98 editorials. Probably the closest we'll ever get to a DM autobiography.

Collectors Details
Lars Worm Beck (Denmark)

The creator of has a collection crammed with UK vinyls, CDs and much more. All items linked to the discography, of course.

Shinji (Belgium)

Really nice site with sub-sites on DM, Martin, Dave, his collection, the DM TV archives project and more. While some areas are still under construction, I highly recommend the page on Martin which contains detailed info about his various guest appearances.

Pascal Kaszczyk (Spain)

Possibly the biggest collection online, and not only records but also all kinds of promotional items and music magazines.

YpErBaLLaD (Italy)

With photos of every single item – CD, CD-R, DVD, VHS and boxes – some very rare.

Thomas Dörnte (Germany)

Very impressive well presented collection including an incredible amount of images of both CD and vinyl.

Greg Niemczyk (Poland)

A blog used to post photos of his vinyl collection – loads of them – in high resolution too. Just scroll down and click the titles to the right.

Marcus James (Canada)

Featuring one photo for every album, each capturing all formats as well as singles and videos, giving a good overview of each era.

Francesco (Italy)

Another nice site, a really good URL and a very impressive collection. Filled with scans.

Martin Sernestrand (Sweden)

Nice site which is frequently updated. With scans and photos of just about everything, albeit in small sizes.

Philippe Douet (Japan)

Lots of Japanese items, most with images. If you see a lot of ?-marks it means you haven't Japanese characters installed (not required).

Steffen Reinecke (Germany)

Detailed site with loads of high quality images of the 2004 to 2006 eras.

Jens Schwemmer (Germany)

An impressive collection, however some sections have been offline for quite some time.

Sven Gerlach (Germany)

Very impressive collection and a cool URL.

Mariano Reina (Argentina)

Nice site featuring another impressive collection, all items with thumbnail covers. In Spanish.

Alex Picha (Sweden)

Part of a really nice site this collection is listed in just one page, it's very long... One of few collections that even lists the tracklistings.

Simon Pykett (England)

Nice and clear site, easy to overview and navigate.

Devotional (Spain)

Featuring lots of Spanish items.

John Philipsson (Sweden)

An ambitious "Mute Collector Discography" including several DM related artists. To view his DM collection click "All Items" and scroll down.

Björn Boch (Germany)

The entire collection in one very colourful and thanks to that legible page. The index also contains a link to images of his own art.

Peter Degn (Denmark)

One of the first collections to be hosted by Vladimir "Vlad" Litovkin, the original and still one of the moderators.

Chris Brown (England)

As suggested by the home page he's really into the 'Counterfeit e.p' – I once counted to no less than 43 different formats! Hosted by Vlad.

Raymi Medina-Ortiz (Australia)

Third collection to be hosted by Vlad, like the others made with Excel (aside from the home page).

Tom Bienmüller (Germany)

Fourth collection hosted by Vlad. Don't get fooled by the seemingly empty home page.

Kim Stenfeldt (Denmark)

Yet another collection hosted by Vlad.

Gilberto Collettii (Italy)

And another!

Stephen Cox (Ireland)

UK completist just like me – he even has the Betamax editions of 'Live in Hamburg' and 'Some great videos'! I still miss those...

Johan Östberg (Sweden)

Another very long one page collection. Also check out his 7″ collection scans.

dm_collector (Poland)

Apart from his official collection this also lists his live bootlegs. Somehow the "view" icons aren't clickable, maybe they'll be later?

David McElroy (Scotland)

A one page list of his collection, featuring lots of coloured vinyl. Part of his blog that among other things features DM.

Aldo Monteforte (Italy)

Not really a collector's site but a Facebook photo album of his collection. To view it you need a Facebook account.