Tracks: Promo updated with 'Should be higher (Barber's club mix)'


Tracks: Promo updated with 'My little universe (Santé remix)'

Welcome to my Depeche Mode collector's site

Here you'll find my collection above all, from Albums to Solo releases. There is also an exhaustive Tracks section listing official Depeche Mode tracks unreleased on UK/EU commercial CD, and Links to related sites and collectors.

I've been a fan since 1985 but it wasn't until 2002 I really got into collecting. I primarily collect UK/EU commercial releases, preferably first pressings, but also promos and releases from other countries that contain exclusive tracks and/or artwork (official physical releases only, no CD-Rs). There is a special quality to the UK editions compared to others: the colours, the print and paper, the label artwork, the minimum use of company info, the catalogue numbers... In the late 2002 they were however replaced with EU editions, but thankfully these have been of the same high standards.

About the collection: I've tried to mention as many relevant details as possible about each item, such as packaging and matrix codes, except for standards like UK/EU vinyl label artwork, 12″ protective inner sleeves and 33/45 RPM for albums/singles. Merchandise also includes images of most items. Besides, there are links to for everything that is listed there, a site to which I've contributed hundreds of scans, meaning that many images are from the actual items in my collection.

About Tracks: When I got into collecting one of my first objectives was to get all UK commercial CD releases. Later on, I got interested in tracks exclusive to other formats and countries, promos and compilations. This section is an attempt at listing this considerable amount of tracks, as a reference for myself and fellow collectors. It is divided into several subsections depending on the type of release and includes descriptions of many obscure versions as well as release details and links.

If you have any comments please send an e-mail to please enable JavaScript to view my email address.

Mr Love :: England

Latest in my collection        
The morning after* CD FOOT002 UK SixToes album. Gatefold card sleeve. No booklet. With 1 track with vocals by Dave.
Personal Jesus 2011* CD PCDBong43 EU Promo. Card sleeve. [0974612 AB35493-01 manufactured by optimal media production]
Touring the angel DVD LDMDVD5 EU
Clear keep case. Artwork on inside sleeve (white text on black). No booklet. DTS 5.1/Dolby Digital 5.1/PCM 2.0, 16:9. The disc is disc 1 of DMDVD5. [3714269-0 PAL @ 1 010202] [3714269-1 PAL @ 2 020205] Both layers: [WWW.MEDIAMOTION.COM]
Tour of the universe DVD+2xCD LDMDVD6 EU
8 panel CD-sized card sleeve ("digisleeve"). 16 page booklet. NTSC, Dolby Digital 5.1/PCM 2.0, 16:9. DVD: [9198159 DA17266-01] [DA17266-01] 2xCD: [AA17314-01 9198142] + [AA17315-01 9198162] All: [manufactured by optimal media production]
Tour of the universe 2xBlu-ray DMBlu6 EU
Standard Blu-ray case. All black inside sleeve. 16 page booklet. 1080i, 59.94fps, DTS-HD MA 5.1/PCM 2.0. [A0101704086-A911 1000 1A00] [A0101704086-B911 2000 1A00] + [A0101675782-A911 1000 1A00] [A0101675782-B911 1000 2A00]